Butanol is used as a solvent for a wide variety of chemical and textile processes, in organic synthesis and as a chemical intermediate. It is also used as a paint thinner and a solvent in other coating applications where it is used as a relatively slow evaporating latent solvent in lacquers and ambient-cured enamels. It finds other uses such as a component of hydraulic and brake fluids.

Parameter Unit Quantity Test Method
Specific gravity °C at 20°C/20°C 0.809-0.813
IBP °C at 1.0 atm 116 min
FBP C at 1.0 atm 118 max
CAS number 71-36-3
IUPAC name n-butanol
Purity wt % 98.50 min
Iso-butanol wt % 0.1% max
water wt% 0.5 max
Color Pt-co 5 max