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About Us

Quarks Engineering is a technical consultancy group, providing specialized services and equipment to improve process plant operational efficiency, profitability and safety. We provide practical solutions by offering training, technical services, best practices, engineering, and equipment to meet the specific needs of our partner clients.

Our Associates have assisted clients worldwide in realizing the profit potential of their facilities and closing the gap to achieving upper quartile performance. Our Associates has a broad spectrum of clients ranging from large integrated oil companies, small independent refineries, to petrochemical complexes, and other process clients.

Quarks Engineering has a team of highly experienced associates in the Australia, Malaysia, USA, Indonesia and Singapore, that specializes in the practical application of knowledge. Our team leaders are all degreed engineers and typically have over twenty years of specialized chemical industry experience. Assisting the team leaders are young degreed engineers and practical application specialist with many years of applicable experience.

Engineering professionals from operating, engineering, and service companies have formed Quarks Engineering . We believe the experience, training, and expertise gained over the years by our team is a marketable commodity. The energy industry has become global and many companies are forced to downsize rather than expend the enormous resources required to maintain a large experienced staff. Utilizing Quarks Engineering’s experienced team only when needed is a great way to leverage human resources.